360 Security Lite Speed Boost

360 Security Lite Speed Boost 1.1.0

Faster performance and smoother playback

If you're having trouble with your phone rebooting and restarting, 360 Security Lite Speed Boost is an essential app for your handset. Download for free and install to your Android phone and you'll have instant refinements to your device, for faster performance and smoother playback across all your apps and features, along with quicker start up times.

This app offers a full suite of internet and online security features too, keeping your phone completely secure when you're on the go and using public networks and connections. Enjoy everyday optimizations with automatic updates and app configuration, letting your phone run faster when it needs to, and clearing your device of redundant junk and needless data.

If you use your phone for banking or dealing with any kind of sensitive information, security should be paramount. With 360 Security Lite Speed Boost, you'll never need to worry about security again. Keep every transaction and transfer concealed with the strictest SSL security protocols, and bank with ease and total peace of mind regardless of wherever your device is connected.

This app helps your phone last for longer, with battery life extension and app management to keep secondary features and background apps from sapping your battery. Even the app itself is incredibly compact, barely taking up any space on your device after installation, with minimal file sizes and updates.

If you're worried about viruses and trojans, there's no need. 360 Security Lite Speed Boost contains an up to the date set of anti-virus tools to keep devices completely protected against intrusion and data theft. With up to date anti-virus software, looking out for the latest reported threats and software risks, you'll know your device is safe wherever you're using it.

Perfect if you're dealing with financial matters on a daily basis, you'll never have to worry about multiple anti-virus and security subscriptions ever again. Get all your security features in one place, all at the swipe of your smartphone screen. Keep your device optimized at all times, with an automatic junk cleaner getting rid of digital clutter and unused files you'll never need. Free up precious space on your device so you can download content you really want.

360 Security Lite Speed Boost


360 Security Lite Speed Boost 1.1.0

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